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Fighting Fire with Ice- Part 1
Fighting Fire with Ice- Part 1
Death Wears Grey
Jade Eyes nightclub
Chinatown, Angel Falls
12:00 PM
If you’re the type who frequents meat markets, chances are you’re also the type who’s not easily unnerved.
The Jade Eyes’ most honored longtime patrons knew this, and knew it well: keep your eyes on the business at hand, no questions asked. Everything else is on a need-to-know basis. That went doubly so for the staff; asking about things that didn’t concern you meant demotion, and demotion at the Jade Eyes carried considerably more weight than it did elsewhere.
Especially for the women.
Tonight had been an especially rotten one, though. Tina had been lucky enough as was, to have landed a job manning the bar, but to get early shifts was considered jackpot; she had friends who’d punch out at 4 in the morning. With her shift typically ending at about 5:30 PM in the evening, and the walk back to the apartment block clocking at about fifteen minutes, every
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Dishonorable Discharge, Part I: The Tryst by neosoc Dishonorable Discharge, Part I: The Tryst :iconneosoc:neosoc 15 11 Black and White-- Part II by neosoc
Mature content
Black and White-- Part II :iconneosoc:neosoc 10 9
Black and White-- Part I by neosoc Black and White-- Part I :iconneosoc:neosoc 28 14 Happy Hour by neosoc
Mature content
Happy Hour :iconneosoc:neosoc 15 10
From: The Chairman (On behalf of the Central Committee)
To: All Union operatives and members
Subject: A Review of Recent History; Revision of Our Current Tactics; Understanding the Extraterrestrial Enemy
Date: October 11, 1958
Up until the current time, our premier goal has been the direct overthrow of the Stalinist bureaucracy at the heart of the modern Socialist Bloc, and realization of the goals of the 1917 Russian Revolution internationally. However, the events of the past year (i.e. the extraterrestrial invasion) have, perhaps more than anything else, forced us to collectively rethink our purpose and execution of our goals in this world, as an organization. It is for this purpose that we of the Central Committee have deemed it necessary to issue this brief missive to all members, collaborators and field operatives.
Firstly, the CC deems it prudent to include a review of recent history, and the influence our organization has exerted upon it. Those (new or otherwise) who
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Oberst Kurt Albrecht by neosoc Oberst Kurt Albrecht :iconneosoc:neosoc 8 6 The Hector Blanco File by neosoc The Hector Blanco File :iconneosoc:neosoc 8 12 The Great Botch-Up -- Part III by neosoc The Great Botch-Up -- Part III :iconneosoc:neosoc 17 25 The Great Botch-Up -- Part II by neosoc The Great Botch-Up -- Part II :iconneosoc:neosoc 11 13
The Great Botch-Up -- Part I
The Great Botch-Up – Part I
The Tartarus Facility…
Angel Falls, USA…
Around 5:30 PM…
"Take this job and shove it," Senior Guard Russell Moran muttered to himself, marching back to his post, the security room, with a vigor and determination he had not felt in years.
Not since the day he marched into Tartarus fifteen years ago, a young man then, idealistic and filled with the desire to serve his beloved city, had he felt so decisive and sure of himself and his choices. "Serve and protect," the brightly colored posters had said, and he was determined to do just that; he owed it to everyone else.
Now he could barely get through a day of work without his usual after-shift indulgence: Jameson, hold the ice, leave the bottle.
Where had all that enthusiasm gone, Russell frequently pondered to himself, while cleaning up the messes left behind by Tartarus' more frequent guests, or resisting death by boredom during his security room shifts.
He knew the answer, though. It had g
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The Great Botch-Up -- Part I by neosoc The Great Botch-Up -- Part I :iconneosoc:neosoc 12 3
The Great Botch-Up -- Prologue
Present day
Somewhere, 30,000 ft. over the Pacific Ocean…
Like its mythological namesake, the Roc soared effortlessly overhead, thousands of feet above the seemingly-endless expanse of tossing waves below. To the lone mariner, tossing and lurching in his tiny vessel below, a gargantuan bird of prey was about to swoop down and claim him and his boat as prey.
As if.
Thanks to drunken mutterings in coastal watering-holes, and word-of mouth between contraband smugglers, the Roc had become the Nessie of the Pacific, inspiring far-fetched tales of fiery breath, soul-shattering screams, and chilling eye to eye encounters.
Not that this bothered Hector Blanco, the gigantic aircraft's owner. It was a boon.
Though, at least one of his passengers might not have shared the sentiment.
"We're going to get shot down, there's no question, I know we're going to get shot down," Major Egon Fuchs muttered for what must have been the hundredth time, clutching at the armrests of his seat, his knuckles
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Special Session
Special Session:
Somewhere outside Hanoi, North Vietnam…
"I hate coming here," Major Fuchs muttered nervously, glancing around him. Colonel Kurt Albrecht glanced sideways at his aide-de-camp, giving him one of those familiar looks: serious, but somehow not so serious.
"You get used to it, Egon," Albrecht replied. Although Albrecht had addressed his aide by first name in the hopes of calming him down, Fuchs had never quite gotten used to it. A longtime NVA soldier, he had been much more used to being referred to by rank by other COs. But ever since the invasion…
Oblivious to the further discomfort he had caused his aide, Albrecht continued to himself, "I know I did." Indeed, these "special sessions," with the Central Committee had always used made him feel uneasy. He couldn't blame Fuchs.
The colonel understood his adjutant's anxiety the moment they stepped into the usual meeting room, however; the lights were immediately switched off, seemingly by some unknown force, plu
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Graduation Day - Part III
Burning  flesh.
His own, and that of his recently-deceased comrades.
That, and ashes of course.
Although, these smells were slowly fading away, like all of his other senses, the images and smells had imprinted on Peter Hoffman, staying with him long after the explosion had ripped through the castle and annihilated his comrades
where they stood.
And then there was the pain.
Peter could remember vividly the deafening blast that had shook the dining hall. Then a flash of blinding white light. Then, a force which had hurled him, blinded and near deafened, against what must have been a wall.
And finally, the pain. The pain, following the blast, had set upon him with a fury, bombarding him with what was to him as a thousand suns concentrating their scorching energies upon him. Peter swore he could feel the heat burn into his flesh, killing off pores, skin tissue, and nerve endings one by one. In these long, freakish moments of torment, Peter remembered the words of the Pasto
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Graduation Day- Part II
(In the forests, near Potsdam Napola)
Mikhail Makarov checked his watch one more time, and swore silently to himself. To go from flying missions in Spain, shooting Fascist troops out of the air, to… this… was simply intolerable. He would never understand just what Otto had ever seen in Albrecht that could have possessed him to tell him and his men to follow the boy's instructions.
To call Kurt Albrecht a "boy," merely for his age, however, would have been a disservice to other youngsters. Makarov could think of many adjectives and synonyms to associate with his erstwhile superior. Among them, "monster," and "demon" were among the most succinct and accurate. Were it not for their mutual loyalty to the cause of the defense of Socialism, and the fight against the Brown Plague, Makarov would have had nothing more to do with Albrecht. His silent fuming was sharply interrupted by a black tunic coat and necktie sailing through the air, and hitting his head.
"Take these rags away, an
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Been kept busy by my hectic 2nd semester of junior year. I know, that's no excuse. Bad Neosoc. But, more should be on the way! Don't touch that dial :)

Addendum: Have to switch to bourbon, since scotch costs too damn much here :(


United States
Current Residence: Washington, D.C.
Favourite genre of music: Latin, rock, classical, Progressive folk music etc.
Favourite style of art: Modernism, surrealism, Russian Futurism
Favourite cartoon character: ...I'll get back to you on that
Personal Quote: "It may be true that we are moving towards a more 'controlled' society. But I believe we have a choice. That control can be exercised by the financial and industrial elite, in cooperation with its servants in the government. Or, that control can be exercised by the whole people, collectively, democratically."


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